Selected texts

There is no truth in this world.

There are only conventions.
Take what makes you vibrate.
Take what propels you towards happiness.
Not to towards enjoyment, towards happiness. Beyond the temporal.
Enjoyment is focusing. Happiness is expansive.
Pleasure is a focus.
If we understand life as a set of pleasures, we are trapped in the second layer (the electromagnetic field, the agitated light, the Veil).
The dynamic of Life is the opening towards the third light, the Real Light.

Agadir February 2017

Tradition tells us: there is a possibility ; it is the brain’s fluidisation.

We are a set of dogmas and fixed structures, to such an extent that our brain has become rigid. We are in a phase where our brain can no longer manage renewal, it vibrates with everything that is old. Tradition tells us that it is urgent to make it permeable, to make it flexible. The passage of real light will fluidify brain and heart. Our brain has become so rigid that we can no longer breathe life. To be happy is to let that light pass through. Being happy is a physiological reality: the physiological substratum of happiness ; it is the neurocerebral permeability that will let the Real Light through.

Annecy March 2015

There are two ways:

  • The regressive way – will propel us into solutions – when you seek the solution, you seek the embryonic regressive states – therefore I don’t want a solution, I want evolutionary openness. When you’re looking for a solution, you’re trapped. Our life is a permanent chronic search for the solution. When you’re looking for the solution, you always find a problem !
    How do we get out of this vicious circle?  We are structured like a language, when you speak to yourself, your cells resonate, vibrate, and when they vibrate, they resonate with what you say. We are structured like a language, not only on a psychological level, but also on a physiological level. Cells are movements, it is the rotational effect of each cell. You are a moving frame activated in constantly changing movements. Solidity is a fixed vision of our mind. When you start to change your view in relation to your functioning, you no longer see yourself as a set of solid objects, you see that you are a set of permeable, non-resistant resonances, which let light through. It’s already healing! We cannot change our view because we are frozen by dogmas.
  • The evolutionary way – Your body is a river, it is changing, you can’t define it by analysis. Every time you try to understand it, to freeze it, it has already changed. That’s what quantum is: the change at every moment in discontinuity.

If we have this reflex of being aware that we are changing at every moment, it is already a therapy in itself. But we’re not there yet, we still want to fix the events. Our mind is based on fixity. Our intelligence is structured in the changing dynamic. The difference is enormous. When you are propelled by consciousness, you see yourself changing. When you are dominated by the mind, you seek fixity and elements of separability.  It means that the problem I am experiencing is not the disease, medicine, it is the content of my consciousness, how I perceive the world. What is my basic reference frame? If I am in a fixity frame of reference, I cannot pretend to be anything other than a fixed mental resonance. If I take the quantum reference frame, I open the doors to something else, to a huge possibility. The question to ask now is:

How can we open this door? To let another information pass through? Knowing that matter is dependent on information. How can I awaken the full informational potential of my body?

We’re going to look for a technique, a method, a protocol. But any protocol emanates from a resonance of fixity activated by the mind. See how we’re trapped? How to be in a protocol without a protocol?  We cannot find a method that will awaken the full potential of the Being. Any method becomes obsolete in relation to that. It’s like you’re saying how to awaken the Being? It is a cosmic nonsense: the Being does not awaken, he is awakened by nature, he is in permanent awakening. How to be in the awakening? How to be in the changing dynamic of consciousness? We don’t have an answer… Are you ready to experience something without an answer? Are you ready to look at it without looking for the answer? I look, I see my difficulty, I see that I can’t find anything, I look, and what will result is of a different order… This is what I invite you to experience.

  • Do not look for the solution
  • Simply look at it
  • Do not analyze
  • Do not reject
  • Do not run away
  • Do not be in chronic struggle, inhibition
  • Simply set your eyes on it
  • And do not change what is
  • Without getting lost in abstract concepts or concepts that cause a memorization of the state of escape, fight, or inhibition.
  • Be in resonance with what is without seeking anything

Annecy – March 2015


Desire is the catalysis of our universe, and it must be made more subtle. There is the desire that makes you regress in the phylogenetic spheres and the desire that makes you elevate in the evolutionary phases. You have a choice at every moment. Hell and heaven are here. How do you look at it ?

Agadir – June 2015


The problem of dualist thinking. The notion of good is related to the notion of bad. When you actualize good from your dualist thinking, you potentialize bad. When you say “I want something”, its negation is related to it. First of all, it is necessary to activate unicitary thinking. Everything dualist will generate its negation sooner or later. Before, the updating of the opposition was late. Now we are in an accelerated time, sometimes the connected bad happens the same day. I just had a positive thought, I get his negation. Because the thought is bipolar. It is not the content of the thought that is important, it is the thought itself. If the thought emanates from mental agitation, it is bipolar. If the thought emanates from a silent support, there is no opposition, no reverse effect. Thinking is fluid and liberates itself from its opposite nature. Silence is a non-dualistic state of consciousness that will structure and harmonize thought.

Agadir – June 2015


We are not aware of the expansion of our Being. We are only aware of our condensed nature. The vortex leads us to change our referential at each moment. It is a physiological way to travel from one universe to another. It’s our cosmic rocket. For example, birth is a vortex. The foetus will move from a water matrix to an air, space and fire matrix. It leaves the embryonic phylogenetic regressive matrix, enters another universe, and looks at evolutionary consciousness. The foetus is in a state of bliss because it can look towards evolutionary consciousness within the oceanic uterine matrix itself, because it is structured by the mesodermogene layer, which is a process of resonance with evolutionary consciousness. The foetus is not entirely phylogenetic.

Agadir – June 2015