We suggest you some French publications hereunder related to the matrix dynamic approach.


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Martine Chiva for the books « L’Approche matricielle » and « La dynamique matricielle »:
Amelya Tawil for the book “Votre vrai moi veut se manifester” :
Francoise Graillot for the book “Voyage dans la mouvance matricelle” :


Pose ton regard

Elisabeth Lefebvre Vasselin  for the book “Pose simplement ton regard”

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Preface presentation

Chantal Dandel for the book “ASSALAM”



Recueil Sylvie

In this collection, I have drawn the Quintessence of Pr Aziz El Amrani-Joutey’s model, collected over his seminars, with the pictures that were imposed on me as an evidence, to illustrate his poetry.

This collection is proposed to you during some seminars.
You can also order it by contacting me by email :
or by phone : 06 12 48 40 54


 Marie AYALA for the book:  Tu es Cela: L’incarnation Divine
Holding the constant within the changing variables

This book is a journey opening up subtle connexional spaces.
Mary, on the way of consciousness from an early age, meets the Matrix Approach and integrates it into her way of understanding the world.
Here she delivers a testimonial of her quest for meaning and a simple transmission of the matrix model, through her sensibility, poetry and humour related to those of Aziz El Amrani.

To buy online (PDF download) via PayPal: 12€
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Approche Matricielle Caroline 
Contact : Caroline Holodenko
édith Gauthier 
Contact : Édith Gauthier



For the purchase of the film on the Matrix Approach Voyage Dans L’infiniment Bref directed by Michèle DECOUST, in collaboration with Gabrielle BAUD, please contact directly:


“Viviane Josée Restieau, l’Art-Lumière”