The following elements structure the matrix approach

The matrix approach expands in a permanent and living process of holistic actualization. Therefore, the information given here has only a temporary and partial character. Matrix meetings provide the tools to connect to the Source of this flow of information, making it in this way, bringing to life for everyone.



It uses a specific terminology to describe our relation to the world.

The word « matrix » refers to the female matrix: a protective and nutritious space allowing the embryonic development and the birth of a child. Analogically, it points towards welcoming and supporting the deployment of our consciousness. Transcendence is designed as the Source of all things. The world in its reliation to the Source is described and interpreted from scientific concepts. These are mainly issued from quantum physics, astrophysics, information theories and biology. They are constantly updated. This model brings new structural information to human biology by observing the fundamental principles of the universe. The proposed tools make it possible to ensure the coherence and the informational unity that characterize our true nature.


The limit of our knowledge derived from physics is given by Planck’s units.

The smallest time unit is 10-43 s. It’s the time of Planck.
The minimum length is therefore the distance travelled by light during this time, i.e. 10-33 cm. That is the length of Planck.
Between T = 0 and T = 10-43 s, L = 0 and L = 10-33 cm, the universe was born and our notions of space and time are no longer effective.
The matrix model calls this interval “the field of all possibilities” because since T = 0, the information is infinite.
Planck’s volume (10-99 cm³) is also the minimum conceivable space from which 99 matrices are issued,  structuring a subtle informative space.





The mass of the universe is divided into 3 categories

  • dark matter (27%)
  • dark energy (68%)
  • observable (baryonic) matter (5%)

In the last one, a small fraction is directly accessible to us. Therefore, we live with a perception filter, masking 99.9 % of the universe from us. The matrix model calls this phenomenon: the   « veil ».



Modern cosmology describes the process of deploying our universe through different models that are regularly updated.

The current model describes a process where matter and light were indistinguishable for 380000 years after T = 0. After this date, the temperature is 3K, material and light separate ; the universe becomes visible. The electromagnetic interaction then allows the birth of atoms and chemistry, the matter as we know it.

 In the matrix model, matter is called « condensed light » and electromagnetic light (photons) « agitated light ». « Condensed light » and « agitated light » constitute the visible universe called the veil (see above).The invisible universe is called « Black Light », « Heavy Light » or « Real Light ».

 The electromagnetic veil fascinates us and distracts us from a set of possibilities existing in the « real light ». The work in the matrix dynamic will consist in redirecting our attention towards this « heavy » light of the Presence of the Source. The 99 matrices are among the available tools for this purpose.



  • The body is structured like a language
    This is the major key that will contribute to the process of alchemical transformation of our constitution. « I proposed to identify the triploblastic structure of the Vertebrate with the ternary structure of the transitive sentence: subject-verb-object, according to the correspondence:
    ectoderm = object | mesoderm = verb | endoderm = subject »
    (René Thom, 1976, The biological roots of symbolism)
  • The matrix model uses the third party-inclusive logic developed by Stéphane Lupasco.
    It is not based on the principle of identity, but on a dynamic of actualization, transition and potentiation of phenomena (cf. references).


During phylogenesis, a part of the animal kingdom of which we are a part of (Bilatérians) developed from 3 embryonic layers. This structure is called triploblastic.

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« Ontogenesis summarizes Phylogenesis. The embryo and foetus develop in an aquatic environment informed by the memories of the phylogenetic past. Our birth takes place in an aerial environment and our earthly journey is accompanied by these memories. They are recorded in our cells and constitute an attractor that determines involutive behaviour. The matrix approach makes it possible to become aware of these mechanisms and to alchemize them. The relation to the world changes and the way we look at it becomes evolutionary: water to fire transition. »

Dance function of the embryo

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Three behaviours resulting from reptilian functioning: escape, inhibition, aggression (Henri Laborit)


By ensuring the link with the fundamental information from real light, the matrix dynamic allows the organs from the 3 embryonic layers to recover the three-dimensional topology of the Being, in introducing the notion of “spatialization of the organs”: each organ enters a unifying phase with the other organs of the body and thus fully agrees with the quantum laws of unity.

Coherence and immune system

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It is described by two dynamic forms: the vortex and the rotation.
They are at work throughout creation, at all levels: microcosm, mesocosm and macrocosm.


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Condensation rotation

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Ascension rotation

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The connection tools

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The proposed tools (resonators, mantras, matrices, sutras and numbers) are used through different rhythms and types of vocalization (whispers, words, songs). They generate impulses and thus induce a subtle resonance, in accordance with the rhythm, inviting to the Inner Silence.




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