French testimony of Anne-Christèle

My first encounter with the Matrix Approach brought intense relief and immense joy. More than the discovery of my reason for living on earth, I connect the vibrational resonance of my being, of the Being.

I perceive this new wave cycle we are entering.
There is therefore much Joy in connecting myself “to the highest first”, to the Absolute and learning to dance in the interface between the visible and the invisible. There is much joy in feeling the heart opening and smiling at life, in love with what it touches, with what is sees.

In resonance with the heart of this approach: “The appearance of Oneness within the infinity of the forms of manifestation”. Life is then revealed in all its magic !


The path of humanity is also there with the stammering acceptability of what life offers me. Desert crossings are alongside ecstasies, struggle alongside gratitude and acceptability.

In this setting of the theatre of life, the mantras, the vibrational codes of the matrix practice come to shake and transmute lovingly the resistances to Being.

The vibrational presence of Aziz, like that of the matrix family, accompanies this path of humility where the heart becomes an alchemist and the ego leaves the guidance to the Absolute.

Infinite gratitude.